Body Shell Lighting

For more design freedom and functionality

Appealing surfaces with ultra-modern design through integrated technology

In the area of vehicle design, the combination of light and material is becoming increasingly important. Body Shell Lighting – a trend to which we are highly dedicated – means the integration of light into the vehicle surface or its add-on parts. Particularly exciting in this area is light that only becomes visible after activation. In this way, light merges with body parts to create a highly innovative system that enables completely new designs for the exterior and interior.

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The motivation: Design

Exterior body parts are our canvas

  • Contour lighting
  • Structured or area lighting
  • Animated lighting
  • Seamless or structured
  • Hidden until lit
  • 3D

The challenge: Efficiency

Calculation and simulation of system efficiency including

  • Electronics
  • Thermal characteristics 
  • Optics (optimized design + spectral transmission + absorption of material, surfaces and surface processing influences)

The team: System Integration

Optimized and holistic integration of light and electronics in exterior body parts

  • Electrical interface
  • Software interface
  • Mechanical interface
  • Optical interface

The corset: Function

Design according to customer and type approval requirements

  • Design and light function according to installation position and size (e.g., DRL, POS, TI).
  • Logo integration
  • Consideration of sensor integration (e.g., radar transmissive optics)