Signal Lighting

Wide range from standardized to tailor-made solutions for all customer requests

The possibilities for signal lighting are enormous. In recent years, turn indicator and daytime running light have evolved from pure safety features to important tools for brand signature. Signal lighting extends towards animated areal segments, lit graphics and displays upgrading the entire rear of the car.

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Fields of application and our competencies

Our aim is to drive the future of signal lighting with innovative solutions that combine light with electronics and software to create advanced features that can highlight a vehicle's intelligence and content, for example by advanced welcome scenarios or messages. Integrated into a car's body shell, these features ensure a highly reliable and at the same time visible communication.

We offer a wide range of solutions for rear and front signal lighting – from standardized to highly customized solutions comprising software and bus-communication fulfilling functional safety requirements. Through the exact control of the LED positioning, we gain a high level of precision which is essential for light guide applications. In addition, we deliver a variety of thermal solutions responding to the challenges of high-power LED and space constraints on FR4, flex PCB and IMS.